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Thank you moon, for making the tides
which give me, twice each day,
this expanse of sand and treasures.

Thank you sea, for sharing, and for hiding, your many mysteries
for your broad surface, for your scent of life and decay
for the circular sound of your waves.

Thank you earth, for following your wheeled path through the heavens.
And thank you gravity, for holding me
to this wet ball of dirt and breath.

Thank you fog, for your mournful secrets, for your hush
and your wailing.  And thank you sun, for making your way
here, to touch your soft November hand to my face.

Thank you people, for coming to this place
with your dogs and your relatives
your empty bellies anticipating abundance and communion

your greetings all joy and gratitude
your wonder reaching through the lenses of your cameras
to hold the cormorants high on the bleached trunks.

And thank you old trees, fallen from the cliffs, singing
the story of the impermanence
singing the harmony of stone and stick and sea

singing the gratitude of life and what follows it
over and over like the waves
life and death, life and death, life and death, in every note.

by Ellen Carey


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